All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Shane Doyle

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Jabberwocky Jones

Jabberwocky Jones

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PostSubject: Shane Doyle   Shane Doyle EmptyThu Aug 27, 2009 12:42 am

" After that Newcastle incident I thought that I'd seen it all…. "

Shane Doyle ShaneDoyleII

Alias: Jabberwocky Jones
Age: 15
RP experience: Not as much as you’d think..
Timezone: Time is relative.
Other Characters: None so far..

Is it bright where you are?

Full name:Shane Kael Doyle
Age: [b] 26 (?)
Never Stated
Group: Misfits
Hometown: Dublin, but near constant movement from London, Ireland and USA since his youth.

And have the people changed?

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Original color is light brown, since has been dyed several times.
Height: 5’10
Weight: 130 (?)
Distinguishing features: Unique hair color, he wears a brown trench coat at all times….
Clothing style: Trench coats and Jeans.
Face Claim: Made my own? >_>

Does it make you happy? You're so strange….

Parents: Both dead.
Siblings: Older Sister Bridget Doyle, hasn’t had contact with since age of 18.
Pets: None
Significant other: No One (?)
Children: No one
Other people of importance: Plenty of acquaintances, partners, rivals, enemies and the like. All overseas that is…

And in your darkest hour

Who are you?: Shane can be summed up in a few choice words. He’s an eccentric, cynical, immature, godless, deplorable, foul mouthed, morbid, dark, adrenaline junkie, only interested in furthering his own agenda….And incalculably charismatic. A meddler in occult affairs, and all strange occurrences in general, Shane is a detective with a keen eye for the strange, and a fascination for the morbid. A self professed godless immoral bastard, Shane would have you believe he’s sold his soul to Satan. But who’d believe such a ridiculous rumor from a nutcase like him?....

My old secrets laid

Your life: Shane Doyle never had much of a home to speak of.

Born in a Dublin slum several years back, he was never was even told his father’s name, (or barely talked to the man, safe for when he begged for the beatings to cease.) due to his mother’s death in an IRA linked bombing a year after his birth, Shane did not attend school with the other boys in the area, but instead was left to wander the streets, making up games to fill the dreary day.

His Older Sister, Bridget Doyle was permitted to attend school a few days a week by Shane’s father, in return for certain…. unsavory acts she was forced to perform that haunt Shane to this day. Despite his often spoken hatred for his children, Shane and Bridget’s father (Who worked at a local factory for minimum wage) never abandoned his children, which later when Shane would think about it, was one of the most low-down malicious moves his Bastard of a Father ever did.

Wandering the streets as often as he could to escape from his home life, Shane grew an active imagination, and would often indulge these inclinations with literature, dime novels and comics featuring the weird, gritty and sinister.

Despite the large Catholic denomination around him, Shane from his youth did not believe in God, or to be more specific, a “Loving” God. This view may have stemmed from his brutal upbringing, but to Shane the origins of his views hold little value. Perhaps in some way, Shane thought himself to be rebelling against the status quo with this view, and he soon began to study occult matters and dark arts with morbid fascination.

Shane’s history from the age of 15 to present is somewhat of a mystery. Despite many associations with all sorts of low life criminals, psychopaths and Satanists in the British and Irish underground Shane never gained much of a criminal record. From his stories of youth up until his present, Shane states to have doing a lot. What we do know is that Shane somehow managed to become completely convinced that God and the Devil exist, and that the Devil and God have a lot more in common then they’d have you believe.

Now, with the British Isle behind him, Shane floats from town to town as a travelling “Detective” purposefully seeking out cases he finds weird, unnerving or just outright vile. Shane accepts no payment for his services, (not like most of his “Cases” would want to pay the self centered prick anyways…) the thrill of the unexplained is all he needs. Or so he’s said.

We can watch the world devoured in its pain
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PostSubject: Re: Shane Doyle   Shane Doyle EmptyThu Aug 27, 2009 4:39 pm

Shane Doyle Accepted
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Shane Doyle
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