All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Ami Afania Flora

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"No matter how far apart you think we are...I will always be with you."
Ami Afania Flora ConnectedByFate-3

If I'm a bad person, you don't like me
Well, I guess I'll make my own way

Alias: Angel
Age: 16
RP experience: 2 or 3 years
Timezone: Eastern
Other Characters: Ali Afania Flora
It's a circle, a mean cycle
I can't excite you anymore

Full name:Ami Afania Flora
Nicknames: None
Age: 16
Birthdate:June 10th 1993
Group: Misfits
Hometown: Flandor

Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green
Height: 5’3
Weight: 120 Ilbs
Distinguishing features: Birthmark of a flower petal on her lower back
Clothing style: Cute and Girlish
Face Claim: None

You're not a judge but if you're gonna judge me
Well sentence me to another life.

Parents: Alina Flint Flora & Liam Lance Flora
Siblings: Ali Afania Flora
Pets: None
Significant other: No one
Children: None
Other people of importance: No one

Don't wanna hear your sad songs
I don't wanna feel your pain

Who are you?: Ami is a kind and giggly girl. She tends to worry a lot but she attempts to try and stop herself and Ali from worrying too much. She usually takes lead and comes up with ideas when in bad situations. Ami is a bit sensitive but she sticks up for her Twin sister Ali no matter what. She likes to act older then Ali even though they are the same age and born on the same day. Ami catches on to things pretty quickly if someone is lying or something of the sort. Ami is also really comfortable around anyone even when meeting someone new.

When you swear it's all my fault
Cause you know we're not the same

Your life: Ami was born in a very peaceful town called Flandor. She is a twin with her sister Ali and is 5 minutes older then her. In Flandor everyone knew each other and got along. It was peaceful and quiet most of the time. Ami loved living there with her sister and her parents. It was great. Her parents had given them a great life and made sure they got the best and equal amount of Love.

When Ami and Ali turned 13 they decided they wanted to for an adventure together. Their parents said it was okay even at such a young age they were allowed to leave. So they left Falndor and explored many places until they were satisfied and wanted to go home. It was Christmas time so it was the perfect gift for their parents. They were 15 when they decided to go home so they found their way back easily. When they got back to Falndor they found it in rubble. The town had been destroyed. They had searched everywhere for any sign of life but not only were the people gone but so were the animals. They went to their half destroyed house finding nothing but their parent’s spirits. This is when they found out that could see and sense spirits. They were shocked to find out about this and soon found a way to let their parents rest in peace, letting their spirit disappear. It was hard for them but from there they decided to search for more un-rested spirits and help them rest in peace as well. So they found the rest of the spirits in Flandor and left their memories in the city. It was time for them to move on and help the rest of the spirits.

A year later they had heard a lot about Hartley Bay and the strange things that had been happening. So they decided to go and see what spirits could be there. They had a feeling that this would be their hardest spirit to set to rest. If a spirit was doing this. So they got their stuff ready and headed to Hartley Bay hoping to be welcomed.

Oh, we're not the same
(hey) We‘re not the same.

Quote :
Snow flakes slowly fell from the gray sky. It was defiantly a chilly day. Colder then any of the other days this winter at least. Tonight was Christmas eve and Ami and Ali were planning to surprise their parents with a early Christmas gift. Seeing them again. They knew their parents would be so happy to see them. The girls were also very excited to see their parents. They left foot prints in the snow behind them with their boots and Ali giggled a bit as she looked up at the snow flakes falling down on her. "Ami! We are almost there right? I can't wait to see mom and dad's face when they see us walk through the door." She said and looked at Ami with a sweet smile. Ami smiled at her with the same smile.
"I can't wait either. They will be so happy." She said and grabbed Ali's hand as they continued to walk. They both were cold and couldn't wait to get into their warm and heated house. So they could sit by the fire pit and wait for their mother to give them hot chocolate and tell them that she loved them. They couldn't wait to feel their fathers warm arms around them when he hugged them. Just thinking about it made Ali giggle again.

Ali soon saw the Hill that lead to Flandor. Ali gasped and Smiled brightly at Ami. "Come on! Where here!" She said happily as she started running up the hill.Ami laughed and chased after her. It was hard to run in the snow but they did it anyways. Ali laughed up the hill until she got to the top and opened her eyes. Ali's laughing immediately stopped and her eyes opened wide with shock, fear and sadness. Ami ran up to her quickly.
"Ali whats wrong?" She asked as she looked at her sister then looked at what was left of Flandor. Ami gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Ali felt her eyes get cold her tears slid down her face but it didn't take long for them to freeze.
"Ami..." She said softly and in a sad voice. The walls of Flandor were basically gone and the building were either completely destroyed or half destroyed. There was no blood. No body's just snow and destroyed buildings. Ami started walking into Flandor in shock. She was speechless. No way. This happened to her home. What happened to everyone. Ali ran over to Ami. "Ami!" She cried out. "S-say something Ami! O-our home.. I-its gone..." Ali cried out and started to tremble. Ami grabbed Ali's hand and quickly ran to their parents house. It was sill in tact but the wall had holes in it and the roof had collaps a bit.
"Mom, Dad! Are you here?!" Ami called out. Her voice echoed through the deserted town. Ali fell to her knees and hugged herself.
"TH-there gone..... No way.." Ali cried to herself and put her head down, bursting into tears. Ami looked down at her sister and bit her bottom lip.
"Ali stay here.." She said as she ran down the streets of Falndor, looking for anyone. "Hello?! Is anyone here?!" She called out. Her heart pounded fast "Someone Answer me!" She called out and stopped a sec. She breathed heavily, her warm breath making a small fog in front of her mouth. She looked around only seeing snow falling. "Hello?!" Her voice echoed again. "Someone please Answer me!" She cried out this time. She was starting to break down as well. "Someone..." She whispered and ran back to Ali. She knelt down beside her and helped her up as she let tears slid down her face and freeze against her cheeks. "Come on.." She said and hugged her sister.

The girls were just about to leave when all of a sudden they felt something weird. "Do.. You feel that?" Ami asked. Ali nodded and they turned around to see their parents. They gasped and Ali ran over to them to hug them. She ran right through them and fell into the snow. Ami put a hand over her mouth to stop herself from crying too much. "Th-their... Spirits?" She asked as she walked up to them and reached out. Her hand went right through them. Ali bit her bottom lip and stood up.
"Y-your dead.. aren't you mom and dad." Ali said in a shaky and sad voice. They both nodded. Ami tried to smile. "Well we came back for Christmas... We came to see you.." She said as she started to break down again. Ali walked over to her sister and bit her bottom lip and she hugged Ami. "I love you mom and dad...." She said and watched them. Ami looked up to them only to see them start to disappear. "No don't go!" Both girls yelled out as they reached for their parent's spirits. they were gone. Ami and Ali sat in their destroyed house crying... This was not what they expected. This was their worst Christmas ever.
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