All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Character Classification

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PostSubject: Character Classification   Character Classification EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 9:10 pm

Welcome to Hartley Bay. Hurry, hurry, now, Dear, we don't have all day. The game is about to begin and all the players need to be in place.

This way now. Hurry, Dear, the clock is ticking. As we speak another child has been taken by the darkness that lingers above this once bright town, and the presense thickening the air isn't happy about it. Hurry, Dear, before it's too late.

Choose your place wisely, Dear. In this town that is not but a shadow of its former glory, you never know what is lurking around the corner. If you make the wrong choice, it might just cost you your life.

Hurry, Dear, it's time to choose. Will you accept being

A student of Saint Alexander's tormented by the recent unexplainabel events? Do you wish to cower in fear until someone else steps up to save you, or do you think you've waited long enough for your hero? Will you act to save your friends and family, or will fall to the same fate as so many before you?

A teacher of Saint Alexander's? Just how far will you go to protect your students and save your school? Or will you be chased out of town with your tail between your legs? Better luck in America. Do remember to send me a postcard when you're settled.

A concerned member of the community? [/b] Do you fear for the safety of those you've known all your life, doing all in your power to keep another from disappearing into darkness that has fallen over Hartley Bay? Perhaps you've already lost someone close to you? Poor dear. No when would blame you for shying away from you pain, turning to a bottle of whiskey. Or taking a match to the forest that some still believe to be responsible.

Everyone grieves in their own ways.

Or perhaps your a member of the rag bag group of misfits that have recently drifted into town. What is it that you know that no one else does? Why have you journeyed to Hartley Bay? Driven by your religious beliefs? An insatiable hero complex? A personal vendetta? Whatever your reasons, I hope you find what your looking for in this damned town before they find the source of their problems within you.

Or maybe, just maybe... Could you be the one responsible for these disappearances? No? How about the disturbances at Saint Alexander's, know anything about those? Now, now, Dear, do keep your anger in check. Just because you couldn't be saved doesn't mean all sinners don't have to pay in the end.

Well, now, don't keep us waiting. Share your story, take up your place in the history of Hartley Bay, and remember...

All sinners have to pay in the end.
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Character Classification Empty
PostSubject: Classifications   Character Classification EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 11:19 pm

And translated into English the classifications are

Hartley Bay Inhabitants;

This group has been with Hartley Bay either since birth, or at least before the disappearances started. Most of the Hartley Bay are shocked by the disappearances, reluctent to before the people they've known all their lives are possibly responible. With the addition of the disturbances at the school, they have no idea which way to point the blame, and more than a few are ready to fly the coop.

Please try to limit the amount of Hartley Bay inhabitants with sixth senses, as this could start to border on Mary/Gary-Sue territory.

Rag Bag Group of Misfits;

For whatever reason, whether born into the world of the supernatural, or cursed by an event in the past, this group is aware of the paranormal world.

There's two main groups here. The ones that are trying to help stop the disappearances and disturbances, and the ones that take pleasure in causing others pain and are trying to 'add feul to the fire', so to speak.

It's up to you how you intend to help or make Hartley Bay's situation worse.


  • Student - Students of Saint Alexander's will be the victims of a haunted school. Whether the students merely try to continue with their studies in peace, try to find the culprits themselves, or have a better idea than other students of what is going on is up to you.

    Teacher - Teachers of Saint Alexander's will either be harassed by the spirit, or the students that won't shut up about the spirits.

    Member of the community - This can include parents, shop owners, or possible suspects. Whether these characters have had a family member disappear and are trying to find them, trying to prove their innocence, or have some connection to the disappearances, it's up to you.

    Spirit - I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you, but you're dead. Either one of the missing Hartley Bay kids with a bone to pick with the town that allowed them to die, or one hell of a pissed off spirit summoned by the culprits. Who wouldn't want revenge?

    Culprits - The one(s) responible for the disappearances and paranormal activities at the school. The culprit(s) can either be regular people , someone tampering in the Dark Arts, or perhaps your run of the mill angry spirit.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to be responsible for the disappearances please PM me. We can discuss it a little before dropping hints at who is responible without actually revealing your identity. It will add suspense to the RP and keep everyone on their toes.
( XD Really, wouldn't it be horrible to be having a nice little conversation with someone when they sudden pulled a knife? Sounds like fun.)
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Character Classification
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