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 Coffee: An eye opener

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Crescentia Zoltin

Coffee: An eye opener Normal_gunner-1

It was another boring day for Crescentia even though she has a case to work on. Her task was complicated, time consuming and life threatening but yet again... she chose to do this. Cres was sitting at a two person table. She starred at the seat in front of her wishing her newlywed husband would be sitting there. The feeling of being alone was terrifying, deep and emotional. Cres only wished her husband to be by her side. She knew that he was coping well with the task he had received... whatever that was. Cres held the hot coffee cup tightly in her hand as she set her sights upon the cup. "I'm... kind of hungry..." she thought as she took another sip of coffee trying to get the thought of feeling along behind. After the hot sip of an "eye opener", Cres grabbed her purse and coffee to the counter. "Hello, again." Cres greeted as she smiled.

The cashier looked up to Cres with a smile. Her named tag said "GRACE-MARIE RICHKING" which was pinned onto her white blouse. Cres couldn't make out the pants she was wearing since the counter was covering her lower waist. "Hello, may I help you?" she asked in a kind voice with some working machine noise in the background.

"I'd like to have a..." Cres paused as she looked at the rack full of cookies behind Grace. "A star and heart cookie, please." What a childish choice Crescentia had made. "Meh... I can use some joy." she thought again and sighed.

"A dollar fourteen, please." Graced held out her hand for Cres to pay. Cres grabbed the change from her pant pocket and placed it in her hand. She paid $1.50 though but said "Keep the change." Grace took the change and popped it into the cash register and stepped back. She grabbed a white sheet of paper and turned around to face the whole rack full of cookies. With her right hand, she also grabbed a brown plastic bag with Pakesley Cafe's symbol printed neatly in the centre. Gently grabbing the heart and star cookies, she placed them in a bag and handed it over to Cres. "Thank you!" Grace said with the same smile.

"No, no. Thank you." Cres grinned and gently took the bag of cookies out of Grace's hand. "Have a nice day, dear." with the goodbye and the same grin, Cres walked out the door. Once Cres walked out the door the place seemed very quiet as usual. People locked in their homes for their own safety and some children being home schooled. This is becoming more like a ghost town. "And so... it begins..."
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Coffee: An eye opener
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