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 Running Out of Places to Run

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Running Out of Places to Run Empty
PostSubject: Running Out of Places to Run   Running Out of Places to Run EmptySat Sep 12, 2009 1:00 am

Noah tugged the collar of his buckled black jacket tighter around his neck. The October chill grabbed at his sides as he took a stroll to familiarize himself with the town.
“Excited for school?” a sweet voice asked.
Noah had forgotten he brought his sister Cara along. Their father was in another one of his “depressed” moods again and Noah didn’t feel like jeopardizing Cara’s safety around father’s weak state. Instead, he’d rather have her by his side-safer than any other place he knows. Besides, it’s a chance to explore the town.
Adjusting his studded messenger bag full of exorcist tools, Noah fumbled with his new timetable in response. Noah learned to never leave without protection/weapons. Your usual teenager stuff (not.). He wasn’t all that eager to be attending a new school but at least he got accepted into Saint Alexander’s at such late notice. Noah gave a noticeable exasperated sigh as he reviewed his courses for the first semester.

Manufacturing-Mr. Santolupo
History-Mr. McNeil
English-Ms. Sinclair

Noah got a peculiar feeling while reading the last course. The name sent a chill running up his spine and a stab of doubt that it was due to the cool weather. Taking mental note to investigate his peers and teachers later while folding the timetable carelessly, they rounded yet another deserted corner.
“I can’t believe I start tomorrow. What about you, Care-bear?” Noah asked with interest. This was Cara’s favorite nickname that only Noah called her. It’s part of their unbreakable bond, of course.
Her usual giggle granted ease to Noah. She looked exceptionally adorable today with her velvet red jacket, torn black jeans and green converse. He stared down at his own black converse and watched their sneakers kick up a blur of fresh autumn leaves.
“I am totally excited! New friends, new people, new school, and hopefully a new start for dad. By the way, I’m purposefully trying to sound more excited than you”, exclaimed Cara.
Taking the opportunity, he lazily mussed up her auburn hair.
“Ugh, Noah! No fair! I can’t even reach your head!” Cara cried as she jumped helplessly at Noah’s nicely swept hair.
Noah gave a hearty chuckle. He was usually never this social around people except for his sister. It was the only time to be himself.

The wind picked up as they rounded another corner. The nippy breeze had not helped Noah’s eerie feeling that somebody had been following them. Except it wasn’t just the streets-it was everywhere. Noah decided to try to see if Cara’s senses were aware as well.
“Hey Cara? Do you feel anything?” Noah asked a little eagerly.
“Cold. You?” Cara said.
“No, I mean do you FEEL anything. Presences, emotions, or just a plain creepy feeling. Anything?”
“I was hoping you would ask. I’ve felt it ever since we arrived here. They’re everywhere, Noah”, Cara replied nervously.
Noah immediately took her small hand into his own and gave a quick glance around. Nothing so far that subjected them to danger, Noah concluded. Only an annoying feeling that they're being followed by something like lost confused puppies. Except they're not puppies, or so Cara would want. They walked together in silence for several moments before Noah finally looked up and spotted a lonely café.
Noah squinted and pronounced aloud, “P-A-K-E-S-L-E-Y C-A-F-E. Hmm…hot chocolate, youngin’? We’ll deal with everything else later, yeah?”
“Best plan you’ve had all day”, Cara brightened.

(exit to somewhere…don’t know yet. Probably school)
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Running Out of Places to Run
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