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 Lydia Sophia Larkin

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"The darkness that surrounds us cannot hurt us. It is the darkness in your own heart you should fear."-Silvetris
Lydia Sophia Larkin She_is_a_Psycho_by_lovesignal

So full of rage, the human race.
Hold me while I’m falling down.

Rearrange what you have found.

Alias: arielthehero
Age: 16
RP experience: None
Timezone: Time does not exist
Other Characters: Noah Fairfiel, Charles Fletcher.
Hurt me
See me crawling on the floor, is that what you’ve been longing for?

Hurt me
Is this enough, do you want more? Go on if it makes you soar!

Full name: Lydia Sophia Larkin
Nicknames: Lunatic Lydia, Looney Liddy
Age: 17
Birthdate: December 19, 1992
Group: Spirit
Hometown: Hartley Bay

You hate my face, my sweet embrace.
You hate me when I’m all around.

Enjoy it when I’m burning down.

Eyes: A pair of dark, tortured, endless abyss’s
Hair: Long, tasseled, raven black
Height: 5’6
Weight: Weightless…
Distinguishing features:
Clothing style: Grunge
Face Claim:

Hurt me
See me crawling on the floor, is that what you’ve been longing for?

Hurt me
Is this enough, do you want more? Go on if it makes you soar!

Parents: Candice Larkin, David Larkin
Siblings: None…
Pets: None…
Significant other:
Children: None
Other people of importance: … never found anyone of any status of any importance

Hurt me
See me crawling on the floor, is that what you’ve been longing for?

Who are you?: Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Lydia’s dead, but her spirit rages in shackles between the two supposed dimensions: heaven or hell. Not that she cares-this is her chance to release her suppressed anger, angst, and simply all her twisted emotions that could not be channeled right when she was alive. This is the perfect opportunity to reveal her true self. Nobody could understand that Lydia was being possessed by another dark spirit when she was alive or that she was merely channeling the emotions of other spirits to the realm of the living. In addition, Lydia feels that everyone, especially her parents, have been anticipating the moment for her to “mysteriously” pass away because she was too strange to handle. Because everyone failed to save her from her very own torture and purposefully avoided her, Lydia takes much pleasure in seeking revenge in her own ways.

She’s not your typical restless spirit, oh no. As if Lydia was not demented enough, her eerie presence is enough to send people running in the opposite direction. Her parents have already tried hiring an exorcist to help guide her to her resting place. Still, Lydia refuses to leave her plane and proceeds to torment the exorcists themselves. Besides, she’s finding her satisfaction by taunting the living. Her favorite undead hobbies are: scaring the townspeople that would give her scornful looks, drifting in the deserted streets leaving her original signatures on buildings, haunting Saint Alexander’s high school, and her favorite: leaving beheaded dollies in the cubbies at elementary schools(just to scare the kiddies).

Lydia tends to get her state confused with being alive. She cannot understand why all of a sudden she can see children or even worse: why they can see her. But Lydia makes no attempt to help the lost souls because she’s still confused about how she got to be where she is.
Why should she care?

For now, Lydia is feeding off the community’s fear of an unknown killer and the unexplained phenomenon’s. She understands that the town just yearns for peace and safety again.


Lydia has no plans on leaving any time soon.

Overall, she’s just your confused, troubled spirit left to haunt the living.
And she’s enjoying every moment of it.

Hurt me
Is this enough, do you want more? Go on if it makes you soar!

Your life: Lydia has always been the odd one of the crowd. Aside from her sinister attitude, she’s never been able to “quite fit in”. Ever since she was a child, she would rip off the heads of her dolls and enjoy watching their heads melt as she set them on fire followed by a maniacal laugh that would echo behind her bedroom door. Her favorite pastimes were to draw morbid pictures of the deceased and her fascinated ideas of death, including spirits and demons. Despite her parent’s attempts to handle Lydia, she was a one way train wreck. The more her parents tried to help her, the more she would recoil to the shadows in the corner of her bedroom, full of atrocity. Her parents would sometimes walk in to find her rocking in a corner muttering in a low pitched voice or find her running into walls with her homemade straightjacket (made out of torn apart pink sweaters her mother tried to persuade her to wear). The abnormal events that caused her parents to worry the most were her “special” moments: screaming high pitched screams at any random moment. Her most repeated shrieks were “they’re going to get me, they’re going to get me…”, but nobody could understand what exactly the problem was. She was sent to the town’s best child psychiatrist, only to be sent home less than an hour for causing the psychiatrist trauma and depression. Nobody understood Lydia, and since nobody understood her, nobody knew she was slightly possessed. Only Lydia knew of her highly sensitive intuition and the vibes felt by angry spirits. She just couldn’t channel it correctly.

During school, Lydia would often occupy herself by cutting locks of her own hair and gluing them on to her disfigured teddy bears (which were really heads of other bears torn off and sewed on to other stuffed animal bodies, along with blank button eyes and crooked, razor sharp grins…she liked things to be a bit “twisted). For show and tell, she would try to describe her detailed drawings to the class-which were usually of people dying (really, it was a cry for help and understanding). But every picture was a new way to die. Occasionally, she would show her collection of dead things such as: butterflies, baby birds, spiders, mice, etc. Lydia always found death beautiful regardless of what people tried to tell her otherwise. Instead of doing the math equations the teacher presented to the class, she would be counting the legs of the spiders that infested her desk then pluck their legs one by one. Most kids were afraid to enter a 10-feet perimeter of Lydia, for she would hiss and then proceed to throw doll limbs at anyone who tried to talk to her.

As time grew older, Lydia became more and more of a dark, deranged psychopath.
By age 17, she had gained her new title: Lunatic Lydia, the girl nobody dared to talk to. Lydia strived by the day and suffered by night-by her horrifying nightmares, that is. But Lydia would never share what her nightmares were about, she would only draw them. Talking about her nightmares was close to impossible, for a dark spirit was slowly taking over her. Only Lydia could hear spirits whispering their dark secrets, infesting her mind and warping her perspective to become rather sinister.
She would enter class by day, muttering alone to herself as she slipped from class to class and return home to receive more nightmares.

That was Lydia’s life. The outcast everyone feared to talk to, more or less be around.
Not to mention the news of the missing children-that would only excite Lydia’s already haunted imagination. Her parents even made a curfew because the town’s fright had seeped into them. She had overheard them discussing plans to send Lydia halfway across the country to a specialist that could possibly “help” Lydia.
Lydia knew only too well that their “help” meant using her as a lab rat and studying her. As for her parents, this meant one less problem to care about.
This completely outraged Lydia.

Annoyed by her parents decisions, Lydia decided to venture out to Outelle Forest to calm down before she massacred something or someone.

She didn’t come back.


The last Lydia remembers is walking alone in the nearly silent forest. The only noises were of her combat boots meeting the dead leaves and the whispers of the trees as they groaned from the slight breeze. Talking to herself seemed like the only initiative to keep from going insane. She didn’t want to listen to the dark spirits screaming “they’re coming to get you” or feel so isolated. Realizing that they have been screaming louder than ever before, Lydia began to sprint to the nearest clearing outside of the forest.

Suddenly, the voices had stopped screaming. Lydia could no longer hear the voices that had haunted her entire life. Now she really began to wonder if she had gone completely insane. Slowing her pace to an unsteady walk, Lydia inhaled a sense of freedom from the very evils that had weighed her down all those years. For once, everything was completely quiet.

Lydia began to turn on her heel to turn back home when she felt an excruciating sharp object uninvitingly sear into her chest.
She began to meet the ground quickly and failed to regain her breath. She only felt a pair of strong hands squeeze her shoulders.
A hot breath slithered into her ear. “Rest in peace now”, were the last words she heard. As if on queue, coldness shivered under her skin as she gave a shuttered sigh.

Lydia hasn’t done her time on earth, yet.

Lydia still does not know who killed her or for what reason specifically. For now, she blames everyone of Hartley Bay for letting her disappear.

And now, resenting all of Hartley Bay, Lydia will pay back a debt she believes she owes.

In her own generous ways
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Lydia Sophia Larkin
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