All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Introducing: Sadi the Black

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Introducing: Sadi the Black Empty
PostSubject: Introducing: Sadi the Black   Introducing: Sadi the Black EmptyThu Sep 03, 2009 11:41 pm

Introducing: Sadi the Black FatherSadiSig

Calvin Conway sat outside in his lawn, his entire being focused on the task ahead of him. The going was brutal but necessary, the task presented to him was imperative to the future of mankind itself. the alien super weapon was set just above Hartley Bay town hall, and with Dr. Octopus and Megazoid already out of action because of the Nebulars hyperbeam ‘splosion attack, it fell to Calvin Conway age 8, and his trusty purple dinosaur Commando’ Rex to save the day.

Dropping down in a prone position on his lawn, Calvin brought the T-Rex toy up in front of his face, and closed his right eye. Through Calvin’s carefully planned illusion, it seemed to the little boy that the Rex really WAS 10 feet tall. Or bigger. Calvin wasn’t good with measurements, but his older brother Tommy assured him that 10 feet tall was pretty good for a dinosaur, Tommy was always right when it came to things like that. Tommy at the moment was away, he was one of the few kids left to attended St. Alexander’s and despite Calvin’s mother’s deep concerns, Tommy was adamant in returning to see his friends. Calvin on the other hand wasn’t given a choice, his mother yanked him from the Elementary School and Calvin found himself protecting the world 24/7 with his quartet of action figures.

Calvin of course wasn’t in the know as to what was happening around Hartley Bay. Not that that guaranteed there was in fact a “Know” at all. There wasn’t much to it, in a way Calvin probably knew the exact same as some of the adults. Some kids were missing and they were all scared. Calvin didn’t think too much about the abductions in a concerned sense of the individuals involved… he was mostly annoyed that his mother had become so darn nosey since they began, always checking in on what he was doing, who he talked too. Since the Hufferon girl from down the street went missing, Calvin had been banned from biking ANYWHERE in town, well to be more specific, going anywhere he couldn’t even cross to see his friend Simon across the street. Calvin wasn’t supposed to even be outside right now, his mother in the house was occupied at the moment with Oprah in the den, and Calvin had quietly snuck outside with Commando’ Rex, not even taking his coat off the coat wrack so as not to give his escape away.

The breeze was cool, not cool enough for someone older than him, but for Calvin it was more than enough. Wearing a T-shirt and shorts wasn’t exactly Fall wear, and Calvin shivered in the tall grass, his brother Tommy was getting paid to cut it but he’d been pretty lazy as of late. At least that’s what Calvin’s dad said; he said he was a procrastinator. Calvin didn’t know the meaning of the word, but he thought it was kinda silly. Long words were always silly. Calvin was suddenly really thankful of all that had happened, even sitting at home bored was better than memorizing long words at smelly school.


The street was all but deserted; he could hear his boots clacking against pavement as he walked onwards. He knew what he would appear like to any old passerby, especially with the recent events, a man in black walking down the street mid day? No good, up to no good. And in a way, they were right.

He hummed a near non existent song to himself, reminiscent of a Children’s’ rhyme, Jack and Jill, Mother Goose and Grimm accompanied by a choir of the damned shouting out the lines with incoherent glee, with a hint violence tacked on. He’d created it himself he had, over the long nights in nowhere particular, accenting each line with a drop of sinister glee, and he prayed, yes he prayed at night that one day his work to Mother Gaia would be rewarded, that one day children would sing this song to remind themselves monsters do exist, have to exist.

And he prayed that one day he would vanish into myth and legend, like the true endings of all those fairy tales the children read to feel good at night. That one day it’ll get a happy ending too, a gleefully ignorant happy ending to what really had occurred, to what he had really done. His smile widened to that that some humans would find not possible, (In fact some humans would find HIM not possible) and he quickened his pace down the silent street as he silently chanted the non existent songs to himself, imagining the fear it would drive into children’s hearts one day.

Sadi the Black
Sadi the Black
You’re as cuckoo crazy as Smiling Jack
You have a blade that goes snicker snack!
Don’t ever come back, Sadi the Black!

But of course, it was a fanciful poem. He quite liked it as he repeated it to himself again and again, smile somehow growing as he restarted each time.

Sadi the Black
Sadi the Black
You’re as cuckoo crazy as Smiling Jack
You have a blade that goes snicker snack!
Don’t ever come back, Sadi the Black!

He loved the end the most, the desperate plea to not return, please leave the poor young ones alone you cuckoo crazy devil! But then, quick as clockwork he had restarted, and Sadi the Black was once back again with his snicker snack blade and the gleam in his eye, the gleam of a storyteller in the midst of a massive outburst of creativity.

He stopped in the street; the houses on either side of him were dead silent. A lesser man, with less faith in Mother Gaia may retreat then, may worry that he be led astray, but Sadi was not this man. He was a holy man, a great prophet a dispeller of lies and a bringing of TRUTH. And he knew Mother Gaia’s words, he heard her clear in his mind when she spoke to him of the existence of the town of Hartley Bay, and he believed oh hallelujah he believed Mother Gaia’s words were just and true. So he did not waver in his faith, but abruptly turned down the next street, pushing his gleefully childish poem into the back of his mind. Gaia’s truth was this way, and Father Sadi doubted none.

Sadi was disgusted by the cookie cutter houses of Hartley Bay. The lack of originality, the flair and disgusting zeal of suburbia. He had seen greater cities, eons back the hanging gardens could bring a man to his knees, now the mundane seemed to stick out in these pathetic peoples mind. It was of course, like Mother Gaia had said. They were killing the world, and in turn Mother Gaia. Only now had she begun to strike back. Only now had she begun to whisper words of revolution to her creations, and only now had she chosen her prophets. She had chosen wisely, as she had no other way to chose, Sadi couldn’t help but feel privileged, and slightly unworthy of the tasks bestowed upon him. But he would not waver, and by the end of his life, the spirit of Outelle and the countless others like it would be appeased and pleased with him, Father Sadi the Black.

Father Sadi closed his eyes, and opened his mind on the streets of Hartley Bay. Listening intently he was pleased. He was close, across the street. There would be the spark to fully ignite Outelle’s now simmering rebellion. Drifting, not so much as walking Father Sadi opened his mind to the world.

And then.

“They’re taking the children away….” And he spoke hypnotically as he drifted across the street, to the house with the white picket fence.

“Because they said she was not a good mother…” and he was in the yard, he was there looking out at the strange people who had come to see him.

“They’re taking her children away….” And he was happy because they had come for him, they had come and they’d make him happy.

“Because she was making it with sisters and brothers….” And it wasn’t like he thought, he was pain and the needles kept going.

“And everyone else, all of the others…” and he cried because he knew what was in the box, and he knew it was him but not him and it wasn’t RIGHT.

“Like cheap officers who would…” and they had the maps, they knew where it was he had told them it was right but they had to be sure.

“Stand there and flirt in front of me….” And the void was black, and he felt strange and they hurt in ways he didn’t know but the picket fence was always THERE right there for him the whole time-

And Sadi opened his eyes wide. It was all gone. Mother Gaia had been to kind.


Calvin hadn’t know how long the man had stood there, watching him play with his toys in the grass, but he had heard the song first he knew that much. He didn’t know why he wasn’t alarmed by the man; he should have been considering he had just suddenly been… there. But Calvin didn’t want to be rude, especially after the song. It was pretty good after all.

Calvin sat up in the grass and looked at the man confused. He was wearing all black, kinda odd, but it was really cold out, at least to Calvin. Calvin tried to hide his toy behind his back, feeling embarrassed. He was a big kid, he didn’t need toys. Calvin however, gave a half decent effort in this; he was looking at the man’s head. It had a funny symbol on it, something Calvin had never seen before and he wondered why it was on the man’s head.

“Uhm…” Calvin wasn’t exactly sure what to say, the man smiled a caring smile and adjusted his glasses, his hair was jet black with a strange red streak in it, he pushed it away from his face.

“Why hello there, how’re you?” The man said.

Calvin smiled; this wasn’t a weird guy at all. Just liked to sing, and he was real good at it too.

“I’m okay.” Calvin said, trying to act as grown up as possible.

The man took a step forward and smiled more at Calvin, there was something about him…. Something Calvin hadn’t seen before, and he sounded… funny. Like he was speaking differently almost. Calvin couldn’t quite place it.

“You’ve gotta good voice mister.” Calvin said as the man slowly walked over across the green lawn. The wind gusted and kicked up the man’s robes. The man smiled and bowed slightly, he was still aways away from him. “Good” thought a part of Calvin’s mind, and he wondered why he would think something like that... that was an odd thing to think.

“Thank you very much! I’m quite proud of my voice. My friend showed it to me.” The man said quite casually.

Calvin was confused now. He scratched his head and looked at the man… he was seeming somewhat… odder now, but Calvin didn’t shy away.

“How can someone show you you’re voice?” he asked “You lost it before or something?” and the man chuckled.

“No no no. You see, I had a different voice before. But my friend is really neat, he showed me my singing voice and now I can sing good. In fact, I was just going to visit him now to say thanks.”

Alarm bells went off in Calvin’s head, he suddenly felt the urge to run, to run inside and tell his mother in the den about the weird man outside, and his friend who gave him his new singing voice but he stopped himself. He wanted to, but… the man there was something about him and he couldn’t help it when he got to his feet and stepped closer to him.

“He gave you a different voice? Did it hurt?”

The man laughed again and Calvin was put at ease, these strange thoughts pushed to the back of his mind.

“Haha! What kind of friend would hurt you? It didn’t hurt one bit, in fact I still have my regular voice. He’s given me a lot of stuff my friend; he’s a really peculiar fellow. You want to know a secret…?”

Calvin shrugged his shoulders trying to show he didn’t care… but he did care. This friend, he sounded really…. Interesting….

“A secrets okay. I can keep secrets…”

The man looked at Calvin closely and leaned in whispering.

“He taught me how to fly too y’know.”

Calvin’s eyes went wide with wonder. He felt his mouth drop open.

“YOU can fly? I don’t believe you, you’re friend couldn’t teach you how to fly.”

The man smiled at Calvin and took a step forward.

“Oh you’d be surprised Calvin” he said as he lifted his feet off the ground.

Calvin didn’t care about his toys much anymore, his entire existence before this point was pretty much null and void the second the man in black stepped foot off the ground. Calvin’s mouth fell open with shock, and he felt himself getting weak in the knees, the part of his brain from before was screaming now “Turn back run away! How did he know you’re name! He’s not safe!” but Calvin had blocked it out. He was walking on air. He could FLY and Calvin had seen it. The man winked at Calvin and turned in midair above the green grass, floating off back towards the sidewalk, his hands in his coat pockets. The man dropped back down to the sidewalk and slowly continued on his way. Calvin threw his Commando Rex to the ground and bounded off after the man. He stuttered before he could finally speak.
“You-you can fly! You can fly!”

“That’s what I said!” the man smiled as he walked on. Calvin lept up beside him on the side walk, keeping pace.

“You’re like, you’re like a superhero!”

“I guess I’m a superhero…”

“You’re friend showed you to do that?”

“Oh yes, my friend is really quite amazing.”

“Do… you think he could show me?”

The man abruptly stopped in the sidewalk, and brought his hand to his chin, stroking it as he pondered to himself. The Conway household was now two homes away.

“Well…” the man said finally. “My friend IS really nice. I think if you’re a really nice boy, and you head over with me he’d be up for giving you some wings.” The man looked down to see Calvin beaming with delight, it was mid October, the wind was chilly but the boy looked like it was Christmas everyday for the rest of his life.

“That’s, oh wow this is awesome!” Calvin practically shouted as the pair walked along down the sidewalk. “You’re really cool Mr….uh… Mr…” Calvin suddenly went silent as they walked on.. his face turned red, in all the excitement Calvin had forgotten to ask for the mans name. He looked up at him somewhat embarrassed.

“Uhm… Mr? What is you’re name?”

The man looked down and smiled, putting his free arm around the boys head and hugging him close, to show him he wasn’t at all angry.

“You can call me Sadi, Calvin. Father Sadi.”

“Like a priest?”

“I guess you could say that.”

The duo walked on until the Conway house was a distant memory, fading into the midday October air…..

((Leaving Thread to whereabouts unknown....))
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Introducing: Sadi the Black
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