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 Rules - Before entering Hartley Bay...

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Rules - Before entering Hartley Bay... Empty
PostSubject: Rules - Before entering Hartley Bay...   Rules - Before entering Hartley Bay... EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 1:43 am

Before Registration;

1- Before registering please be sure that you would like to be a part of this RP, and are not simply acting on a spur of the moment whim. (Though I’m touched you liked the plot so much XP)

Creating your Character;

2- Please make your application within two weeks of registering.

3- Please post your application like : First name Last Name.

4- When filling out the application, please do not use one word or one line answers for things that may require something along the lines of three paragraphs.

5- NO MARY-STUS or GARY STUS. No one is perfect, and all characters have some sort of flaw.

6- When your application is accepted you will be messaged ASAP.

Role playing;

7- Three characters are the max per person.

8- Do not role play in first person, this is not only confusing but after a while it can become annoying.

9- Please use some form of ooc (out of character) and bic (back in character).

10- No God-modding, this is basic. Don't control other peoples characters. If this is seen, please notify the admin and I will deal with the person in the appropriate manner.

11- Before killing a character, please get permission from that person before pulling the metaphoric trigger.

12- If you are planning on going away for a long period of time. Let an Admin know and whomever you are role playing with.

13- If you are inactive for a week you will be sent a reminder.

After two weeks of inactivity (without notice) your character will be deleted.


14- Be courteous to the other members.

15- Don't harass people.

If you understand and intend to follow these rules, then by all means…

Welcome to Hartley Bay.
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Rules - Before entering Hartley Bay...
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