All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Felix Storm

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"In a bet there is a fool and a thief"
Felix Storm __Card_Game___by_nahamut

Politics and evil

Alias: Ace
Age: Seventeen
RP experience: Since 2008
Timezone: EST
Other Characters: None at the moment
All one and the same
Satan hides behind a different name

Full name:Felix Storm
Nicknames: Has never had one and never will.
Age: Nineteen
Birthdate: Friday April 13, 1990.
Group: Misfits ~ Gambler
Hometown: Born in the Italian city of Venice, but grew up in New York.

Take these chains away
Free my hands from bondage

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black
Height: Five feet and nine inches
Weight: One hundred and thirty-five pounds
Distinguishing features: None
Clothing style: Mix of punk and goth
Face Claim: Credit goes to nahamut on Deviant Art

Can't explain away
Avarice will kill you in time

Parents: Damian Storm and his wife, Bianca Storm
Siblings: None
Pets: None
Significant other: None
Children: Nope
Other people of importance: Mary Rasa, his deceased ex girlfriend

Violent upheaval
Cities drenched in flame

Who are you?: Felix is the type of guy who will go all in, as long as there is some hope. He isn't scared to take risks, and he actually enjoys the thrill that comes with it. He is a tad bit competitive, not enjoying the feeling of a loss. He doesn't consider it as a loss, but more of a lesson. There had to be some reason for why he lost, and that would be the lesson that he learned. He is well educated, knowing when to be a fool or a thief. He enjoys to play around with people's minds, whether it be by being a sarcastic son of a bitch or by just sending them into a blind rage, it does not matter to him. He will find a way under somebody's skin. Felix isn't the type to be active, due to certain reasons. However he does take an interest in tennis, not because of its physical aspect but because of the mental focus that you need to play it.

Wickedness we know we can't contain
Who and will we murder now

Your life: Damian Storm, CEO of a big company in New York. Bianca Greco a nurse working in Venice. On a planned vacation, these two people met and fell in love. Nine months later on Friday, April 13, 1990 they brought a boy into the world. It was luck that he was born properly, so they called him Felix. Several weeks after that, the two of them got married and moved back to New York. This way Damian could run his company without having to take constant leaves. As he grew up, Felix saw less and less of his parents. Both of them being to involved in their work to spend much time with him.

At the age of twelve, young Felix was walking around on the streets all by himself. He found his way to a vendor on the streets and was immediately drawn in by the flashy movements of the dealers hands. This was no regular vendor, it was a scammer. You know the type of people who rip money off you by pulling off devious tricks. He lost his parents gold crucifix on that day but it didn't matter to him. He knew what he wanted to do with his life, he knew that his father could buy him a new necklace, and he learned a vital lesson all in one day. That lesson was this: its better to be a thief than a fool. With various books and many long hours of practicing, he was able to shuffle decks of cards in various ways and was now vaguely familiar with the human mind. He took himself to school the next day and began to make money off of the other students. Felix was having fun!!

Four years later, at the age of sixteen he had long since moved into high school. His parents were barely home, but it didn't matter that much to him. He had developed a crush on a girl in one of his classes, Bianca Rasa. Using the money that he had won over the many years, he bought her a golden locket. Inside it, nothing. With the locket came a card with a message on it. "Hope this will be used to hold a picture of us." It was signed anonymously. Gifts kept coming to her, and before the christmas break began he admitted it. On that day, they held hands and he walked her home.

Their relationship lasted three years. It was full of love but then the incident happened. Something that haunts him to this very day. He entered a club, thinking that he could handle it. Felix sat down with another person dressed in a suit, a member of a local gang. The stakes got so high, that he couldn't match them. That is until the other man said that he would take anything else available. He bet away Bianca, he bet away his loved one and he lost. The entire time he was being scammed, he was the fool once again but this time he could not get back what he lost. They killed her right in front of him, and he left the city with his head handing in shame. A couple months later he stumbled upon Hartley Bay, deciding that this would hopefully take his life away. He wants to be with Bianca once more, not even sure if she will accept him back.

See what we are becoming
An onyx veil that filters out the light.
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Felix Storm
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