All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Piper Sinclair

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"It is always the best policy to speak the truth--unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar. "

Piper Sinclair Anime_girl

I stumble through the wreckage
Rusted from the rain

Alias: Tori.
Age: Seventeen.
RP experience: Going on four years.
Timezone: Eastern.
Other Characters: Adrianna Richardson.

There's nothin' left to salvage
no one left to blame

Full name: Piper Fleurette Sinclair. Born Piper Fleurette Adair.
Nicknames: Miss Sin‘, Miss Sinclair.
Age: Twenty-seven.
Birthdate: October 28, 1981.
Group: Teachers.
Hometown: Marseille, France.

Among the broken mirrors
I don‘t look the same

Eyes: Right- Blue, left- extremely light blue, bordering on silver.
Hair: Dirty blonde.
Height: 5’9
Weight: 138 lb
Distinguishing features: Unnaturally light blue eye always hidden behind her bangs, slight French accent.
Clothing style: Button-up shirts, work pants or skirts, high heels, glasses.
Face Claim: None.

I'm rusted from the rain
I‘m rusted from the rain.

Parents: Sebastian and Maria Adair. Both deceased.
Siblings: Peyton, eight years old at death.
Pets: None.
Significant other: None.
Children: None.
Other people of importance: None.

Dissect me till my blood runs down into the drain
My bitter heart is pumpin' oil into my veins

Who are you?: Piper gives off the impression of a kind, naïve woman. Arriving in Hartley Bay a year before the disappearances began, Piper won of the majority of the population with her clumsy yet charming demeanour, earning herself the position of English teacher at Saint Alexander‘s high school.

Constantly wearing a smile, Piper goes out of her way to encourage students and teachers alike to come to her for whatever they may need, always willing to listen to their problems. If it just so happens that she’s berating them for their weaknesses internally and storing away anything that she may use later on in the back of her mind, well, what Hartley Bay didn‘t know surely wouldn‘t hurt it.


Bitter and resentful since her sister’s untimely and undeserved death, Piper eases the anger eating away at her by creating what she considers justice, devoting her life to causing misery and pain to the pawns of the God that didn't see fit to spare her sister's life. In her eyes everyone must pay for the sins of one.

I'm nothin' but a tin man, don't feel any pain
I don't feel any pain, I don't feel any pain

Your life: Born to a family of aristocrats in Marseille, France, Piper refuses to divulge more about her time spent in France.

Moving to North America under the name of Piper Sinclair for college, Piper majored in English, taking almost every class related to mythology and the paranormal she could on the side.

Keeping to herself, little was known about Piper throughout this time except that she could be found in the library when she wasn’t in class, except for the odd time she would disappear for a few days on end with no explanation.

After graduation, Piper traveled from city to city, seeking out any restless spirits that may need a little ‘push’, guiding them back to this realm to seek out their revenge. Easily finding work with her impressive credentials, Piper would stay on as a substitute teacher (’luckily’ there always seemed to be an ill or injured teacher just as she was passing through) for as long as she would need to lure the spirit back, before moving on to her next destination.

It was in such a manner that Piper stumbled across Hartley Bay, drawn by the sense of an impatient spirit lurking in Oona River, biding her time at Saint Alexander’s High school, playing the fool until the perfect time presented itself.

I'm rusted from the rain
I'm rusted from the rain.

Created by theunforgiven at Caution 2.0, tweaked to Ignorance lyrics and to work on Don't steal, don't delete the credit.
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Posts : 30
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Age : 27

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Piper Sinclair Accepted
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Piper Sinclair
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