All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Crescentia Zoltin

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PostSubject: Crescentia Zoltin   Crescentia Zoltin EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 4:05 am

Crescentia Meta Zoltin
"Still Alive "
Crescentia Zoltin Normal_gunner-1

For the good of all of us.
Except the ones who are dead.

Alias: Sunshine
Age: 16
RP experience: Since 2007.
Time zone: EST.
Other Characters: None at the moment
But there’s no sense in crying
over every mistake.

Full name: Cresecntia Meta Zoltin
Nicknames: Cres
Age: 26
Birth Date: October 3, 1983.
Group: Misfits – Undercover spy.
Hometown: Berlin, Germany and York, England. (Mainly England).

You just keep on trying
till you run out of cake.

Hair: Long, silky hair with the touch of dark purple.
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 133lbs
Distinguishing features: Scar on her left arm from falling off the swings when she was eight years of age.
Clothing style: Anything that isn’t revealing (comfortable and modern look).
Face Claim: None

And the science gets done,
and you make a neat gun

Parents: Lloyd Odele (father, 51) and Amy Odele (mother, 50).
Siblings: Younger sister (23) named Ranae Le Odele.
Pets: Once had a pet bunny during her life in Berlin but none at the moment.
Significant other: Roy Colix Zoltin (28)
Children: None but hoping to have two soon.
Other people of importance: Roy Colix Zoltin

For the people who are
still alive.

Who are you?: From York, England a young lady name Crescentia Zoltin studders on her words due to her shyness. She tries not to show her shyness and most of the time is successful besides having Roy scurrying around her. Cres pushes herself to the extent but takes time to prepare, plan and progress accurately. She’s not perfect, never. She makes mistakes similar to how people do. At times she cries for the mistakes she does but later on picks herself back up like a soldier. Cres is also brave, quiet yet fragile but what exposes most is her compassionate heart.

I’m not even angry…
I’m being so sincere right now -

Your life: Cres was born in Berlin, Germany and was raised by her healthy mother and father (both age 51). A year later her sister, Ranae was born. Cres loved her sister and promised that she would protect her from harm. Cres was Ranae’s shield and friend. When Cres was ten years of age the Odele family decided to move to York, England since her father had found a new job.

While Cres was seventeen years of age her former boyfriend (unnamed) had two faces. A friendly face and a treason face. Sometimes she would be beat and used by him. He had also threatened Crescentia’s life during the third month of their stressful relationship. He once said “If you tell anyone or run away, I’ll take your life and that is a promise.” A couple days later, Cres’ former boyfriend was being careless (drunk) and was hit by a car. Cres moved on her own trying hard to forget her painful memories. She first met him as a sweet, soft and gentle man until he turned mean and ugly. Now forgetting about the past, Cres decided to live her life normal as possible.

Cres’ career was to become a police officer. She had studied in field of chemistry but loved moving around and using her hands more. After attending York Univeristy for two years, Cres graduated with a bachelor degree in chemistry, law and communications. She later moved on to police schooling for five years and met Roy Zoltin on her first day. Throughout the five years of school, Roy and Cres were a happy couple. Roy returned (He graduated two years earlier) to Cres and they both fled off to a nearby beach. On March 24, 2009, Roy kneeled on one knee to propose in the sunset. Cres cried once he showed the elegant ring in his hands and told him her answer: “Yes, of course!”

After she graduated a secret organization called Lithium hired Cres. Her husband, Roy was also hired by Lithium two years earlier. Now Cres is in Hartley Bay for her mission: to stop the poeple or things that causes innocent child to disappear.

Even though you broke my heart
and killed me.
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PostSubject: Re: Crescentia Zoltin   Crescentia Zoltin EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 10:43 pm

Crescentia Zoltin Accepted
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Crescentia Zoltin
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