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 Adrianna Richardson

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"History never looks like history when you are living through it. "

Adrianna Richardson Anime_friends-2

Can you tell me, softly
How you'll always haunt me

Alias: Tori.
Age: Seventeen.
RP experience: Going on four years.
Timezone: Eastern.
Other Characters: None as of yet.

Can you help me
Hold me

Full name: Adrianna Devyn Richardson.
Nicknames: Addie.
Age: Sixteen.
Birthdate: March 13, 1993.
Group: Student.
Hometown: Hartley Bay.

Come to me now, slowly
You caress me, smoothly

Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Dark brown.
Height: 5’5.
Weight: 124 lb
Distinguishing features: None.
Clothing style: Casual.
Face Claim: None.

Calm my fears and soothe me
Move your hands across me

Parents: Father- Daniel Richardson
Mother- Madison Richardson
Siblings: Artemis- Twelve year old brother.
Joey- Seventeen year old brother; currently missing.
Pets: Cat- Chairman Meow; likes to wander around the front of Pakesley Café.
Significant other: None.
Children: None.
Other people of importance: Father’s sister- Samantha.

Take my worries from me
I will sacrifice

Who are you?: Adrianna is a bit of a tomboy, having been raised considerably more by her brother than her notoriously flakey mother. Developing a bit of a completive streak after discovering her brother’s natural easy at both academics and sports despite working part time at the family store, Pakesley Café, Adrianna devoted her spare time to studying and playing sports, challenging her brother and accepting challenges in return at every opportunity.

Despite the competitive air between Adrianna and her elder brother, she idealized him more than anyone else, constantly trying to reach his level and his approval. She blames herself for his disappearance, unwilling to consider it a homicide, and has sworn to herself to ‘take his place’ as it were, taking over the café in her mother’s absence, and refusing to allow her little brother out of her sight for anything other than school.

I will sacrifice
All I have in life

Your life: Born into a family of three, Adrianna’s parents were the proud owners of Pakesley Café, a little café they had opened shortly before their first child’s, a one year old named Joey, was born.

For years the Richardson’s lived in the large flat above the café, Mr. and Mrs. Richardson bickering more often as time passed, more and more about money, but Adrianna and Joey were too young to concern themselves with such things, especially when they had yet to explore the crawl space in the laundry room.

When learning a third child was on the way, Adrianna’s father ran for the hills with little more than a note, claiming he hadn’t wanted children in the first place and blaming the situation on his soon to be ex-wife. Heart broken at the abandonment, Adrianna’s mother took refuge in her room, only leaving for necessities- mainly alcohol.

Adrianna could never completely remember the few years that Aunt Samantha, her father’s sister, moved in to take care of Adrianna, Joey, and her newly born brother, Artemis, and the café. She had claimed that it would only be for a little while, until her mother was feeling better, until which point they should stay out of their mother’s way. For three years Aunt Samantha stayed, effectively blurring Adrianna’s image of her mother and aunt.

After three years, Adrianna’s mother strode proudly from her room as though it hadn’t been her sole dwelling for the past three years, well groomed and smelling out faintly of alcohol, greeting her children with an affectionate hair ruffle or squeeze as she moved to sit at the kitchen table for breakfast. As the elder children watched in shocked bafflement, Aunt Samantha set a cup of coffee in front of the laughing woman.

For half an hour the women laughed as though the past three years were only a figment of their imaginations (which Adrianna and suspected until she had asked Joey, receiving a sharp grimace in response). Before walking out the door, Adrianna’s mother called back that she would get Aunt Samantha’s plane ticket while she was in town.

As the door shut behind her, Adrianna and Joey bombarded their Aunt with questions. With a soft smile, Aunt Samantha had gazed down at her empty coffee cup, telling them that their mother was finally better. It was the only answer Aunt Samantha would give up in the next three days as she packed her bags.

When Aunt Samantha had left, their mother regained her place at the front of the café, a cigarette in hand a smile on her face. She would tell the children that she didn’t need their help in the café like Aunt Samantha had accepted, telling them to go outside and play instead. It wasn’t long before Adrianna noticed she would never look at any of them directly when she spoke.

If asked, Adrianna wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly when her mother began bringing men home with her, but she would be able to tell in frightening detail and slurred voices laughing as they clambered past on their way to her mother’s room, or more often than not when those laughing voices would turn to angry, shouting voices, or the unmistakable sound of skin colliding with skin.

It was on such nights, when it was obvious that with the screaming and crashes of things being thrown around wouldn’t allow her to get back to sleep, Adrianna would sneak into Joey’s room, Artemis usually beating her there. They would tell jokes or read stories, when desperate talk about school. Anything to distract themselves.

Mornings following such commotions would lead to their mother falling into her out habits, staying in her room all day, either passed out or going for a self induced coma via vodka, and the Café being closed until their mother had recovered enough to stand by herself without stumbling and wincing whenever someone spoke.

For years this pattern continued, until the Richardson children were old enough to take care of the café themselves before and after school, smiling at the members of Hartley Bay as though nothing was out of place.

After a particularly loud night, Adrianna found herself unable to remain in doors the next day, convincing Joey (with the help of the heart break that is a twelve year old child on the verge of tears) to close the store for the day for some much needed air, ignoring all comments about the recent disappearances.

Walking through the streets, Adrianna noticed the death grip Joey had on their brother’s hand, keeping him from wandering as was a twelve year olds nature. With a roll of her eyes and a half-smirk, Adrianna pointedly led them closer to the edge of Outelle Forest.

Called even closer to the forest by a group of Joey’s friends standing a far distance off from the congregation of trees. They spoke momentarily before Joey excused them, claiming they had to be getting back to the store, unfortunately not soon enough that the hold that he had on Artemis’ hand went unnoticed.

Calling attention to their locked hands, the so called friends laughed and asked if they were afraid the bogey man was going to snatch them. Joey simply shook his head and began leading them away, ignoring the names being called after them.

Annoyed that her usually conceited, arrogant brother was allowing such accusations, she spun on her heels and accepted the challenge of going for a stroll in the forest when set, determined to defend her brother’s image.

Ignoring her brothers’ argues, Adrianna was preparing for a running start at the forest, deciding speed would be wise, when Artemis was all but thrown at her, Joey walking angrily up to the trees. Throwing one last eye rolling glance at Adrianna, he disappeared into the foliage, cheers following after them.

Ignoring the group that was now taking bets on how long it would take for Joey to come running back out screaming, Adrianna reassured Artemis that Joey would be back in ten minutes, tops, when his usually smug grin in place.

After ten minutes, Adrianna was still reassuring the nervous preteen that Joey would be back any minute, shooting a glance at the nervously laughing teens.

Another thirty minutes, and the other group had turned tail and run, leaving Adrianna alone with a sniffling Artemis clinging to her stomach, and the suddenly ominous forest across from her.

Trying to pry herself from her brother’s grip, she attempted to reassure him that she would be right back with Joey, that the dork had probably tripped and gotten turned around, but the boy would no longer believe her, tightening his grip around her waist.

Torn between the fear of her brother walking home alone, and the desperate need to go looking for her brother, an immeasurable amount of time passed before someone finally stumbled upon them, and an excruciatingly larger time for a search party was organized.

Refusing to let go of her remaining brother, Adrianna carried the shaking Artemis home with the escort of one of the towns ladies, constantly looking for her shoulder for her any sign of hope.

There wasn’t one.

To clear my conscience
Sacrifice, sacrifice.

Created by theunforgiven at Caution 2.0, tweaked to Ignorance lyrics and to work on Don't steal, don't delete the credit.
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Adrianna Richardson Accepted

XD By Ariel.
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Adrianna Richardson
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