All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Father Sadi the Black

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Jabberwocky Jones

Jabberwocky Jones

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PostSubject: Father Sadi the Black   Father Sadi the Black EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 1:29 am

Father Sadi The Black
"When Tempest tossed, embrace chaos"

Father Sadi the Black FatherSaditheBlack

They're taking the children away

Alias: Jabberwocky Jones
Age: 15
RP experience: Not as much as you’d think.
Timezone: Time is relative.
Other Characters: Shane Doyle, Elliot Yardley, Skinner Wayland

because they said she was not a good mother

Full Name: Father Sadi
Nick Name: The Black
Age: ??
Birthdate: ??
Group: Outsiders
Hometown: ??

They're taking her children away

Eyes: Black
Hair: Jet Black, with Red streak
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Distinguishing features: Father Sadi is instantly recognizable, bearing a tattoo of a pentagram in his forehead, and has a strange red streak in his otherwise jet black hair. He has a pair of square rimmed glasses he wears to top this off.
Clothing style: Trenchcoat, Cloaks with hoods.
Face Claim: My own

because she was making it with sisters and brothers

Parents: None
Siblings: None
Pets: None
Significant other: None
Children: None
Other people of importance: None

because of the things that they heard she had done

Who are you?: Psychopathic to the core, convinced he is doing his god’s work, a religious zealot who relishes in the suffering he causes, and believes he will be rewarded for his faith. Father Sadi is a captivating public speaker due to his absolute confidence and conviction in his motives. Father Sadi has a warped religious view, extremely reminiscent of that of Wicca, he believes the Gods serve the earth and earth alone, and he has been placed as not its protector, but executioner in its name.

The black Air Force sergeant was not the first one

Your life: Father Sadi’s exact origins are hard to pinpoint, but a figure resembling a young Sadi was reported as a higher up in a Satanist organization located in Denver, Colorado in the early 90s. Following the organizations rather peculiar demise, accumulating in several grisly murders, Sadi vanished into the heart of America, occasionally spotted, never apprehended and almost always following or preceding violent murders.

Sadi from what FBI could gather, simply phased into the Denver Satanist operation one day, one day he wasn’t there, the next he was “There all along.” Stranger still, the cult in question seemed to take a sudden shift in objective and views as soon as Sadi arrived, despite the fact Sadi was by personal accounts by apprehended members stated to be “A young man no older than 25” at the time.

How could Sadi have so much pull on an organization at such a young age?

No recordings of Sadi’s youth have ever been uncovered prior to the Denver incident, and sightings of Sadi afterwards were muddled at best afterwards. Reports indicate Sadi’s appearance near the start of the Waco Siege, London Bombings and the Columbine High massacre by several police and civilians individually. Whilst Sadi has never been linked to any events, he is currently wanted by the FBI for suspected terrorist activities. If only it was just that.

Father Sadi is an extremely dangerous individual by nature, absolutely convinced in his beliefs with no room for compromise, Sadi (Only a Father in name, he has never taken any priestly rites) to those rare individuals whom have met him, has been described to be a riveting public speaker with a voice as cold as ice. Sadi is said to believe in “Gaia” the earth and that through connecting with her, she channels his powers. Despite this absurd statement of belief those who met Sadi (Often convicted Satanists, Occultists and unsavory individuals) have given no statements indicating that he might be insane, some going as far as to stress that Father Sadi was often “the sanest man in the room” at the time of meeting him.

Despite this many more can attest to unspeakable acts committed by Father Sadi, acts which many fear to repeat and despite the allegations no concrete proof has been garnered. An even rarer group of individuals, who can attest to being around Sadi when he was enraged by something, say that his calm but earnest demeanor is soon replaced by that of a complete and utter sadist. As if the devil has taken him over himself.

Sadi is also wanted in connection with the 2007 double homicide committed by Edwin Jonathan Talbot. Edwin Talbot was convicted of murdering his wife and father with a butchers knife on the evening of July 13th 2007, and despite no past signs of mental problems, Edwin has to this day been confined to a padded cell in the local mental hospice having a mind (as doctors describe it) “Snapped like a dried twig in half.” Gibbering inconsistent and meaningless phrases, most curiously Mr. Talbot has been observed to speak Father Sadi’s name quite clearly on several separate occasions.

and all of the drugs she took, every one, every one

They're taking her children away
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Father Sadi the Black Empty
PostSubject: Re: Father Sadi the Black   Father Sadi the Black EmptyFri Aug 28, 2009 2:36 am

Father Sadi the Black Accepted
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Father Sadi the Black
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