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 Skinner Wayland

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Jabberwocky Jones

Jabberwocky Jones

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Skinner Wayland

"We're not gonna die
You can never kill us
We're not gonna die
You can never hurt us"

Skinner Wayland SkinnerWayland-1


Alias: Jabberwocky Jones
Age: 15
RP experience: Not as much as you’d think.
Timezone: Time is relative.
Other Characters: Shane Doyle, Elliot Yardley


Full name: Skinner Wayland
Nicknames: Skinhead (Not a passing resemblance to one at all, but Skinner has expressed an interest in 2-Tone and Ska music as a whole, favorites of Skins and this hasn’t been lost on the more musically literate)
Age: 16
Birthdate: September 12th 1992
Group: Student Body
Hometown: Hartley Bay


Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 5’9
Weight: 140
Distinguishing features: band aid on right cheek, green toque and brown sweater worn incessantly
Clothing style: Brown hoodie and worn out jeans. Reebok sneakers, Skinner’s pride and joy.
Face Claim: My own


Parents: Tom Wayland, 38 Carpenter, Volunteer Football Coach, Linda Robbins 34 walked out on marriage several years back.
Siblings: None
Pets: Trigger (Dog, German Sheppard)
Significant other: Several off and on girlfriends, but no one at current moment.
Children: None
Other people of importance: Aunt Sarah Wayland. Michael Wayland (Numbered among the missing)


Who are you?: Skinner on the outside appears like you’re typical everyday high school jock, a regular at sporting events and a seemingly psychotic devotee to his favorite players and teams. Skinner however has more in common with that of the local slackers, he’s lazy and tends to procrastinate everything other than sports to the nth degree, and while he is courteous he often gives off an aura of indifference. Skinner is charming and enjoys being nice to people, he likes being regarded as someone even his most remote acquaintances could go to if they need assistance. However Skinner is only human, and has a penchant for parties, misdemeanor offenses and obscenity.


Your life:
Skinner was born and raised as the proud son of Tom Wayland, man’s man. A Carpenter by trade, Tom didn’t want a meaningful commitment just yet, and due to some choice words and unforeseen circumstances, Tom was left to care for Skinner Wayland his son, after Linda Robbins an old flame basically dumped the baby at his door and left for Vegas with a hotshot banker from Vancover.

Tom however was up for the challenge of caring for his offspring, he was an exemplary father and with the help of his mother and father (Agnes and James Wayland) and already happily married sister Sarah Wayland, Skinner developed into you’re average boy, safe for a mother.

Tom never made any move to hide what had happened with Skinner and chose to be straight with him about all actions involved, as such Skinner simply ignores the fact his mother ever existed, which might as well be true considering she walked out the minute Skinner was born for a life of excess.

Tom was never short of work in Hartley Bay and was able to keep Skinner comfortable and well fed, and with a little extra push on his push and some after clock work, Tom was able to raise enough money to enroll Skinner in several sports leagues in which Skinner naturally excelled. Tom had a deep passion for sports, and this was passed on to Skinner who not only enjoyed them but surpassed other players in his sports quickly (Soccer, Hockey, Football, Baseball) making Tom one of the proudest fathers and gave him plenty to boast about at the local Hartley Bay pub.

Skinner was a strong boy but rarely used his strength against others except when goaded into a fight. Skinner was suspended frequently in his youth after other students antagonized him into altercations, however he almost always came out the victor and never went after or retaliated against students he fought. Tom couldn’t care less in regards to this, happy enough his son was a brimming sports star and brought home report cards filled with Bs. He adopted a “Boys will be boys” attitude in regards to this, and while he didn’t punish Skinner for his behavior, Skinner instinctively developed these attitudes on his own.

Entering high school, Skinner soon fell in with the “Right” crowd, popular, charismatic and athletic; Skinner was well liked by near all of his classmates. Skinner quickly fell into the niche of “Party People”, students who had loud parties past decent hours all in good fun. Skinner could be considered one of the most active and vicarious members of this group and by his 16th birthday he had been detained twice by the local police for indecent exposure and excessive noise past decent hours. Tom once more took this in stride and never chastised his son for his actions, thinking that Skinner might as well be doing something with his free time, and to him it was better than possibly more harshly punishable offences, even as Skinner’s grades dropped.

With the recent disappearances in Hartley Bay, Skinner pulled back on his antics for the time being to assist with the search for the missing children, but with no such luck and an inability to do anything Skinner began to grow restless. He redoubled his efforts upon the disappearance of his Cousin Michael, the apple of his Aunt Sarah’s eye. The entire collective Wayland family was shocked upon Michael’s disappearance, Tom frequently began to have anger outburst at work, and Sarah had to be taken into care by Skinner’s grandparents a few days after the initial disappearance. Skinner was unsatisfied with the treatment of his Cousin’s disappearance by the authorities, increasing his disdain for them.

With the return to school Skinner found most of the usual group of “Popular” students still in attendance to be scared shitless of the happenings and reluctant to hang out after hours, maintaining a brisk schedule and becoming shades of the people Skinner once knew. Skinner in a disgusted response to this has become brasher with his antics, loitering in the school afterhours for appearances of strange happenings, and conducting his own inquires. Skinner has begun to research the concept of paranormal happenings and investigation intensely, and has remained his normal self despite the dreary atmosphere in Hartley Bay at the moment, intent to live things up and try to convince those he once knew to do the same.

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Skinner Wayland Accepted
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Skinner Wayland
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