All sinners must pay in the end. A supernatural/horror RPG.
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 Elliot Yardley

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Jabberwocky Jones

Jabberwocky Jones

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PostSubject: Elliot Yardley   Elliot Yardley EmptyThu Aug 27, 2009 3:45 pm

" Open up your skull
I'll be there "

Elliot Yardley ElliotVictorYardley

Alias: Jabberwocky Jones
Age: 15
RP experience: Some
Other Characters: Shane Kael Doyle

Full name: Elliot Victor Yardley
Nicknames: Eli
Age: 15
Birthdate: August 3rd 1993
Group: Student Body
Hometown: Hartley Bay

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Jet Black
Height: 5’8
Weight: 120
Distinguishing features: Round, Golden rimmed glasses (fake, but they look cool Razz)
Clothing style: Dress shirts with sleeves rolled up, Jeans. Paint stains abound.
Face Claim: My own >_>

Parents: Doug and Sharon Yardley, 43 and 38 years of age respectively.
Siblings: Only Child.
Pets: None
Significant other: None
Children: None
Other people of importance: Jessica Spooner.

Who are you?: Elliot is introspective, and tries his best to think outside the box, Elliot is an artist by trade and has a gift for creative arts. Elliot is slightly sick in the respect that he can find even obscenity to be art, and that he tries to observe events without his emotions getting in the way, blocking them out all together. Elliot is somewhat happy with the recent events occurring in Hartley Bay as it has given him something to talk about and more importantly for him, inspiration.

Your life: Elliot is you’re standard child, from a cookie cutter home in the middle of Hartley Bay. Born and raised surrounded by loving parents and extended family, and the friendly faces about town Elliot never had a reason to fear anything. Elliot is the only son of Doug Yardley, a mill worker and Sharon Yardley, a schoolteacher on temporary lead following the recent events.

Naturally bright, Elliot excelled in many of his classes, and took a penchant for the creative early on, egged on by encouraging classmates and teachers. While Elliot’s work initially was filled with bright, creative and vivid landscapes, he has as of late begun experimenting in the surreal and unorthodox, perhaps in response to the chaotic events in Hartley Bay.

Elliot was up until her disappearance, best friends with Jessica Spooner, a fellow classmate, friend and art lover somewhat enamored by Elliot. On June 27th she headed to a downtown café to meet with Elliot and some of his friends, she never arrived making her the 7th child missing from Hartley Bay. When the initial search proved fruitless, she was simply chalked up with the others and stowed in the back of many of the town’s people’s minds, a fact Elliot resents incredibly. Elliot feels the investigations into the disappearances are hugely misguided, and has grown to resent those organizing the searches due to their ineptness and inability to provide any results.

With the disappearance of Jessica, the talk of the town had hit a personal level with Elliot, something he hadn’t experienced ever before in his life, the presumed death of someone close to him. Unwilling to open up to anyone, Elliot instead channeled his pain into his art creating twisted paintings that he dare not show his usual admirers as they wouldn’t “Get it”. Indeed in retrospect, Elliot feels that the demise of his friend Jessica has helped him as opposed to hindering him, and his sadness for her disappearance is now mute in his mind. Somewhat uncomfortably at first but with growing certainty, Elliot convinced himself that Jessica was nothing more to him then a pawn, and he thanked God for killing her so he could expand his artistic repertoire. This odd view met his conscience in a heated debate, and enveloped Elliot in self loathing and questions as to whether he was exploiting and perverting the disappearances unethically, and while this question seemed to answer itself with a resounding yes Elliot didn’t seem to care much. Elliot now believes himself to be a complete heartless bastard, but he couldn’t care less instead feeling that he has freed himself from the confinement of caring for others.

Whilst Elliot has become clearer regarding his feelings towards these events, he has kept his train of thought secret from all others, obviously realizing they won’t “Get” where he’s coming from and will perceive him as a monster or at the very least disturbed mentally from these happenings.

As such, Elliot appears to the (in his new mindset) uncultured masses as almost exactly the same as he has before, a cookie cutter kid in the background, quiet and unassuming.

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Elliot Yardley Accepted
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Elliot Yardley
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