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 Plot - The once peaceful town of Hartley Bay.

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Plot - The once peaceful town of Hartley Bay. Empty
PostSubject: Plot - The once peaceful town of Hartley Bay.   Plot - The once peaceful town of Hartley Bay. EmptyMon Aug 24, 2009 12:52 am

Hartley Bay- a small town on the coast of British Columbia. A beautiful little town where you can’t walk down the street without running into a friendly face. The type of small town where everyone knows each other, and secrets are impossible to keep hidden. Where crime is astoundingly low, anyone can walk alone without fear, and parents have nothing more to worry about other than the occasional scrapped knee or poor grade. A peaceful town. A friendly community. The closest thing to a haven this side of the clouds.

That is, up until six months ago.

Six months ago- April 24, to be exact- the date of the first disappearance of one Hartley Bay’s inhabitants. Worried for the child of a mere eight years, who had undoubtedly gotten lost, the towns people searched the wooded areas marking the outskirts of the town. For three days they searched tirelessly for the child. For three days neither hide nor hair of the child was found. One the third night, however…

A second child went missing.

Unnerved by the coincidence, the townspeople doubled their efforts to find the lost child, reassuring each other that the children were probably together, on their way home to their awaiting parents.

At the third inhabitant’s disappearance, a girl of 16, the population of Hartley Bay began tossing around the idea for a wild animal being responsible. Guns were holstered each morning at dawn as the search party left for their fruitless expeditions, only set to discarded again at dusk unused.

As the number of Hartley Bay’s children and adolescent inhabitants to disappear increased, talk of an animal as the culprit became less and less frequent, until communication between the townsfolk all but died out completely, parents only leaving their homes as necessity called for, children almost never stepping foot in the summer sun.

As September rolled around and the youth of Hartley Bay returned to their places of education, much to parents reluctance and worry, the disappearances had yet to cease; if anything increasing with the youth finally allowed to venture out of their homes.

Well into mid-October, it was obvious the disappearances weren’t the only thing to be worried about anymore.

Within the halls of the school considered one of the few sanctuaries left in this once quant town, strange events have reached an all time high. Lights flashing. Lockers banging open and shut. Ear drum shattering screams. Broken mirrors and windows. Obscure drawing on the walls one moment, but gone before a double look can be taken.

Reported only after a student braves the halls alone.

Parents afraid to allow their children to walk the streets even in the light of day. Children afraid to walk the halls of their schools alone for fear of falling victim to one of these strange occurrences.

Just how much longer will this town survive?

To add to the towns folks’ increasingly frayed nerves, a rag bag group has suddenly appeared in town, taking up residence and making their appearance known all throughout the haggard town. Though the disappearances have been occurring for months already, the town’s suspicion turns its glare at these new arrivals when they take an almost immediate interest in the disappearances, asking questions this town just might not be ready for the answers to.
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Plot - The once peaceful town of Hartley Bay. Empty
PostSubject: Missing Children   Plot - The once peaceful town of Hartley Bay. EmptyTue Aug 25, 2009 8:30 pm

In the past six months Hartley Bay has lost sixteen of its youth. No one knows for sure what's taken them, and no one dares consider what's happened to them.

List of lost souls

Date of Disappearance
Aubrey JonesEightMaleApril 24Never came home after spending the day with friends.
Lauren AvonNineFemaleApril 27Didn't come home from school.
Brandon ThomasSixteenMaleMay 8Went to help search for the missing children in Outelle Forest, got seperated from the others and was never found.
Sarah RogersonFourteenFemaleMay 26Walking home from school with some classmates, wandered too close to Outelle Forest, and was never seen again.
Karry HufferonTenFemaleJune 04Ran after a pet that wasn't supposed to leave the house. Never came home (Fortunately, the cat did).
Alex SmithThirteenMaleJune 15Left school at lunch and never made it home.
Jessica SpoonerSixteenFemaleJune 27Went to go meet some friends at Pakesley Cafe, never arrived.
Samantha BurnsEightFemaleJuly 07Unknown. In her bed when her parents checked on her, gone in the morning.
Kelly HeathsFifteenFemaleJuly 18Went for a jog in the morning. Never came home.
Michael WaylandTenMaleJuly 24Went running after a soccer ball that was kicked into Outelle Forest. Never came out.
Kyle TurnwellFourteenMaleAugust 06Went swimming with friends at Oona River. Never came out of the water.
Sofia TurnwellThirteenFemaleAugust 23Went looking for her brother at Oona River. Never came home.
Emma UjleyElevenFemaleSeptember 04Went back to school shopping alone. Never came home.
Joey RichardsonSeventeenMaleSeptember 13 Went into Outelle Forest on a dare. Never came out.
Jeremy BailerSevenMaleSeptember 27 Just seperated from his mother in town. Wasn't found.
Aylassa FisherTwelveFemaleOctober 09 Never made it to school.
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Plot - The once peaceful town of Hartley Bay.
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